In Search of Our Dream House

So, I mentioned J and I and our hunt for a potential new house yesterday. I guess it might be time already to start talking about that.

The house that we live in now, we were pursuing 4 years ago, right around this time. We were not married, were not even engaged, and in fact had only been together for about 6 months (we had dated for a time prior to that but it was rather tumultuous with J trying to figure things out with an ex). At the time, not being together for that long yet, when he started looking for a house, I just was in the mindset of "this is where I will hang out sometimes, it is where I might occasionally spend the night..." (naughty!) But he continuously asked my opinion throughout the process of hunting for houses, never made appointments to look at them unless I was able to join him, and eventually let me know that if I wanted to, I would be living there as well.

I love this house. I love the location. I love what we have done to it. I love my new kitchen from a few years ago and my new appliances from this past year. I love what we did with the smallest bedroom (which used to be an office as well as basically a junk room, and house the treadmill) and turned it into a nursery. That is honestly my favorite place in the house, and I feel like little Miss A loves her room as well, because when we go in there, she calms down to get ready for bed.

However... it is not likely feasible with a bigger family than what we currently have. In addition, as Addie grows up, it becomes less feasible, even with just her. So, we only have 1 bathroom on the second floor. In a lot of cases, this would be no big deal. We have three full baths overall. But when the little miss first starts to potty train, it will become a problem. The only bathroom on the second floor is in our bedroom. So in the middle of the night when she is potty training and has to go, it is either go downstairs (which is what our guests do now) or come into our room and turn on the light, etc.

So that is kind of where we are currently and why we are thinking it might be smart to begin the process of looking for our new dream home. I would like to think that we will eventually find everything we want, and end up there for good (well, unless we get new jobs out of state or something). So we have reached out to our friend Laurie who sold us our house (whom I knew previously as the wife of one of my theater friends), let her know where we are at with everything, and then we have started to search online and stuff. Nothing official yet, but we are getting the ball rolling.

I will keep things updated as they progress.


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