Ideas for Coping with Anxiety

I was feeling overwhelmed with my workload (and therefore, shutting down a little bit) when I came across this article on facebook.

Things to Do When You're Anxious

I might harbor more anxiety than the average person (in fact, I absolutely do!), and so reading this article in a moment of anxiety hit the spot for me. So let's look at some of these options, shall we?

Stop thinking of myself, stop overthinking.
Yeah, Em. Take a breath. I am 99% sure that no one else is looking at the situation with the same stress level as you. It is difficult to just shut down thinking when your mind is going 1M miles per minute (which is often how I end up anxious in the first place), but relax.
DO Something.
In reality, I am all for distractions. If there is something that can get my mind to focus, slow down, and get back to functioning, I am all for it. The top thing on this list for me is to go for a run. Unfortunately, with work being busy the way that it is right now, this is not always possible for me. There are more days when i cannot leave to go and get a workout in because I am slammed with various projects, etc. So now I need to figure out some alternative plans that might help to alleviate the anxiety that do not involve leaving my office (in case I cannot break out!)
Focus on Giving
This is not referring to giving to charity or donating your time (although that would probably help too!) but more giving your time, attention, and help to someone else. In my case, the easiest/best way to do this is by focusing on Addie. In general, she demands a lot of time and attention, and giving it to her definitely helps me to feel better about everything else that is going on around me.
Talk about it
Why do you think I blog about it? :)
Focus on the humor
Sometimes you definitely (ok, I definitely) worry about things that are ridiculous. I might be the queen of this. You cannot be afraid to laugh at yourself when you catch yourself doing that.

And in my case? At least I have someone who will smile at me no matter how ridiculous I am being.


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