House Hunting: An Update

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This weekend is likely a BIG weekend when it comes to J and I finding our dream home, so that is kind of what I want to update today. Where we are in this process...

As of this moment, I have visited 5 houses. J has visited just 2. The ones I like, but he is unsure about I go to at lunchtime, and then if I REALLY loved them, we could go back together. But so far, I haven't REALLY loved any of the three. One of the ones we visited last weekend together we both liked, but the problem was the layout. It had 4 bedrooms (good, that is what we are looking for!) but they were on three different floors! One in the basement, the master on the first floor, and the other two on the second floor! That layout just didn't thrill us. The other was pretty much a fail.

We also took a trip out to Liberty Township last Saturday to meet with one of the sales reps for a subdivision that we very much were considering building in. We had done all of our research, knowing where things should fall out with costs, etc, and we were comfortable with the fact that we were going to get the exact house that we wanted within our price range. Unfortunately, there were a few things that we had no idea about (a premium lot, the fact that we were moving into Phase 2 of the housing, so those prices were higher) that we had to cross building off of our list.

Today is a big day because there are three guys upstairs in my bedroom right now, painting it white white white (it used to have one red wall and three orange walls. I loved it for a time, but I am honestly kind of glad that it will be white. We are thinking (and hoping) that something more neutral will help the house to sell more quickly. Laurie says (and after being through a few houses, I tend to agree), that having someone else's taste very obvious throughout the house makes it more difficult to picture your stuff in the house. So painting our bedroom and also the basement (which was full of sports memorabilia) were high on the list of things that needed to be done. By the time I pick up Addie tonight, it will be complete!

Tomorrow we will be headed out to our next potential home (or three of them). We are visiting three homes, all of which seem rather promising. So I am excited to see them. We need to start working to get all of our ducks in a row with financing as well, but we are not too worried about that right now. Jason is very very good with his credit and I am constantly making strides to improve my situation as well, so I know that we will get approved for the loan. :) It is nice to be able to be confident about that.

Monday, we are likely going to have two families come through our house, so we are spending the weekend getting everything cleaned and organized. How cool would it be if both couples/families were interested in it?


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