A Long Run Done

Ugh, it is back to freezing here in Cincinnati. We are in the negative temps (before windchills) again, polar vortex round 2. It is miserable, and I feel like we have a million things going on with the house, etc. I guess all we do is keep moving forward. We are trying to do that for sure. I have been making phone calls to all kinds of different folks (lenders, painters, real estate folks, builders, etc) and trying to set up times to get together with different people but still trying to work some extra hours here and there.

Things are extremely busy at work, as we have a lot of changes going on currently. That is stressful in and of itself, and when you throw other things on top of that, it means I get less running time in, which is an additional level of stress, at least for me. But it is not a forever thing, and so I just have to deal with it. Today I am hoping to escape for an hour at lunchtime to squeeze in 6+ miles.

Monday, I had a holiday from work, so I decided to do my long run then instead of on Saturday. Addie was at school, so this seemed like a really good plan. I turned on the Biggest Loser episode that I had recorded from the prior week, and hit the treadmill.
Just over an hour and a half later, I hit 10 miles. On the treadmill. I took one short break to get some water after 7 miles and I let my dogs out quickly, but I was back at it within 3 minutes. It felt great, and I was proud of myself. Also, I was wearing all pink, which mostly just made me happy.

PS I recently purchased my first pair of Oiselle Distance Shorts, and they are AMAZING. Even better than my previous Rogas (although I still love them too). I am wearing them in the above picture because you gotta go all pink!

How do you handle busy and stressful weeks?


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