A Confidence Booster

Good morning! What did YOU do yesterday that helped you to be a better person today? I managed to get out for a run. Thank goodness. As I mentioned in yesterday's entry, I have been craving it and unable to get out of the office sometimes.

But yesterday I managed to make it work (yahoo!) so I headed home to my treadmill at lunch with plans to do the fartlek workout that was on my schedule for Monday.
So that is where I ended up yesterday. It was a pretty good run, although by the 5th repeat I was definitely beginning to feel a little bit tired! Regardless, it felt great to go long-ish on a Wednesday! Not to mention I am working to regain some speed that I lost following my injury and pregnancy. It feels good to go comfortably fast again.

Does getting in a quick run boost your confidence like it does mine?



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