5 Months, Overwhelmed, Accomplished.

Important things first, I would like to start this entry by saying that I am wearing my old, original sized work pants today, for the first time since before I got pregnant, and they fit! Yahoo! I am not quite there with my jeans yet, but I am THRILLED to be wearing some old clothes.

It was an unspoken goal to start dressing nicer this year for work, I made strides by getting stitch fix (<---affiliate link!) boxes, and have some new, nice, stylish work tops, but I had not yet fit back into my nice Ann Taylor pants. Then the new year started, I had my pants back hanging in my closet, and we had a major cold spell with salt all over the ground, so I decided jeans was the smart choice (I was right!) and my teeny "dress better" resolution got pushed back some more.

But on Tuesday we had some big news at work that involved the change of some senior leadership at our company, and it was suggested that we dress nicely for his visit. Just the push I needed! So I got dressed and my old pants FIT!

In addition, someone is 5 months old today! Seriously, 5 months, 22 weeks, where has my life gone? It is amazing to me. This girl has been one of the most amazing things that I have every been a part of for sure. But I guess that thought is completely normal when it comes to kids, right? Everyone feels like their baby is completely awesome? Well, mine really is awesome. :)

Things with her, home life, work, everything, just feels very hectic lately. I have been feeling fairly overwhelmed frequently and I have not quite figured out how to combat it. I managed to get out

 for a run at lunch today, and that definitely helped. I came back in cold but smiling, and let's be honest, I maybe have not been smiling so much recently due to this overwhelming stuff that has been looming over my head. Granted, as soon as people at work come and start talking to me about things that I need to remember to do, the stress hits me again.

Regardless, I am sure this is a year-end, post holiday bit of drama going on, which is fine and normal. So I just need to put my best foot forward, smile, and plug away until it gets done! I know that I will get through it, I always have - at least since year end has been something dramatic and busy for me, and prior to that, I always survived tax season, so I will get there. I just need to enjoy my time at home and my time with Addie when I am there, and hopefully that will help me focus when I am here.

How cute is little Miss A in her snowsuit? She's my little pink bear!


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