Weekly Workouts: Week of December 23

I want to apologize for the unintended hiatus from writing, I have not even touched my laptop since last Monday! I guess in some ways, that is a good thing, because the holidays are all about family time, right?

I still want to get back in the habit this week of regular writing, so I am going to review my workouts for the week as usual! Let's just say that last week did NOT go as planned, but in some ways, I suppose that is to be expected with the holiday and all, but as you will see, that's not all...

Monday: Speedwork - treadmill. 4.5 total miles
Tuesday: travel day
Wednesday: Holiday
Thursday: sick
Friday: sick
Saturday: sick
Sunday: a little bit of walking (mostly around target, kroger, and Trader Joe's)

Yeah...  So last week was kind of a lost week. So that pretty much stinks. I ended up sick on Christmas night. I woke up with stomach pains and hacking and ending up throwing up, which NO ONE likes to do. Naturally, I panicked about Addie, but did some research and read that I need to keep feeding her, as normal. So I guess that is all I can do.

I am starting to feel back to normal, finally, today/yesterday, and so I am hoping that this week I can log some miles, even if I am not up to speed!

But for now, here is a pic of the little one on Christmas morning at Grandma's house!


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