Weekend Update

I had started writing an entry on Friday all about how we had wanted to have a date night but then it was snowy and miserable, so we ended up not getting to... They actually cancelled the babysitting plan that they had at the school. I assume that the teachers that were there until 5 pm had a long commute ahead of them. Yuck. Will ended up letting our team leave around 1 pm so I went and picked up Addie and we went home. I worked some for the rest of the afternoon, and also put together cookie dough for sugar cookies!

Saturday and Sunday were days of zero motivation when it came to getting on the treadmill. I knew with the snow storm, I was not going to get out to run group. Even though the roads were mostly clear, the sidewalks were not. And let's be honest, running on snow covered sidewalks is tougher than running on trails! (I remember this from last winter.) So instead of getting up and hitting the treadmill on Saturday (original plan) I got up with Addie and started working on the tree, and working on baking the cookies that I made dough for the day before.

The dough was for sugar cookies and I decided to make all teeny mini cookies (seriously, you should see these things, they are tiny!) I made stars, stockings, bells, and trees. It took a decent chunk of the morning to roll out the dough, use the cookie cutters and let the cookies cool. In fact, I had to take a break to nurse Addie and everything there in the middle. I know J was annoyed with the process as it involves me spreading flour all over the counter and let's be honest, that is pretty much a huge mess. It irritates me as well, but since I am the one up to my elbows in flour, I have control over it.

We had two parties to hit up on Saturday as well. My nephew Cameron turned 5. That also gives some insight into how long J and I have been together. Our first Christmas together, Cam was a newborn. :) He had a construction themed birthday party. Angela always does the cutest stuff that fits the birthday party themes. I will likely be NOT that creative for Addie's parties, but what are you going to do? After that, we drove over to Chuck & Sara's for their annual Christmas party.

Last year we did not make their party for whatever reason. The year before we were there. No one had kids yet, although Sara was pregnant. I remember driving over there around 7 pm... it was dark and we were there late. This year, everyone now has kids. The party started at 4:30 and most of us were gone by around 8 pm. It is amazing how different life has become for all of us.

Sunday was a day of getting things done. The cookies were iced, some gifts were wrapped, Addie took some naps in her chair (yeah, we pretty much suck at getting her to nap in her bed, but she does always sleep there at night!) It was an all-around catch up sort of day. I once again was overcome with laziness (or the need to spend time with Addie/J/get other things accomplished) and did not run. Or do any other kind of workout unless you count toting Addie around the house.

The lack of workouts has an impact on me mentally for sure, and it is something I am completely uncertain how to balance and make sure that I can fit it into my life. Somedays going to the gym at lunch works out perfectly fine. But then there are other days when I definitely cannot fit it in. When things at work get hectic or overwhelming, I do not just leave. Admittedly, sometimes things get hectic and I could still have time, but usually then it impacts pumping. And right now I am still committed to that. I am still committed to breastfeeding as her main source of food, so pumping on regular intervals is extremely essential.

What suggestions do you have for me to help me fit everything in?

In other news, we have hit a milestone:
4 months old... Holy moly.


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