Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

As I said in yesterday's entry, Tim, Debbie, Brooke, and Laura arrived late in the evening on Wednesday. Jason's mom came over and picked up food for us on her way, pizza from Papa John's. I ordered it when Tim and Debbie arrived and then she was able to pick it up.

I had Addie awake when they got there so they could see her, and visit with her, and hold her for a little while before she went to bed. I knew that would want to be done since they had not seen little peanut since she was only 6 weeks old when we were in Kansas City for the game. I think they were definitely excited to see her again. I can relate. I am excited to see her every single day when I pick her up at school!

Around 8 pm, I took her up to get ready for bed, as usual. We got into pjs and started our last nursing/feeding of the night. But it was LOUD downstairs. She could not get settled as a result. Normally when she feeds, we leave the door to her room open, so I can have the lights off and just leave the hall light on to give me enough light to see what is going on with her. But with all of the loud laughing and talking, I had to close the door and feed her completely in the dark to keep her settled enough to eat and get ready to fall asleep. Eventually I got her to go down as I needed her too. I was that nasty mom who got fresh with her friends/family and told them that they needed to shut the hell up, but seriously, I am the one who deals with the little screamer...

The next day, Addie and I were up early to eat before mom went to go and run in her race. After I fed her, J was up as well, and we started getting things rolling on the cooking. J got the turkey out of the fridge and started cleaning it out. He showed me the neck, which I had never seen before. I started browning the meat for my dad's stuffing. Addie sat in her little chair, hanging out while mom and dad started cooking. My dad arrived and took over on the stuffing and I headed downtown for the race.

When I got home, I showered and got dressed for the day, pumped and fed miss Addie.

Thanksgiving Day at Angela's was a really nice time. We had tons of food, all delicious, and the kids were all in high spirits. Addie, with all of the excitement, did not sleep at all. It was terrible. By about 2 pm, she was screaming her face off and there was nothing that any of us could do to get her to settle down. There was lots of rocking and attempts to lay her down (Angela has cribs in the girls room still that we thought we could use for her nap!) She would rest for a minute, but then she would roll over and wake herself up which was not helpful.  She ended up falling asleep in the car on the way home.

Due to the horrible napping day that Addie had on Thursday, I decided that it would be best to stay home with her all day on Friday. J and all of his family members went shopping at the outlets, at Jungle Jim's, and at a few other places, before they went back to Angela's. They ended up there pretty late, so J was gone for 11 hours. But having Addie home with me all day was quite helpful. She took some more normal naps, and went to bed in time. All of those things were very helpful in getting her back on schedule.

Saturday started off early with me feeding the baby and getting her back down to bed for at least another hour (fingers crossed) and I got ready to head out to run group. Some in the group were going to try for ten miles, but I pretty much was not interested in that. I decided to just run 5 miles, which ended up being just fine.

J was worried when I left that morning that because I was going to run group, I might not be ready to go to the bar in time for the Buckeyes game, which was number one priority for him that day. I told him that he had nothing to worry about when it came to me. I was right. When I got home, after about an hour, Brooke and Laura were in their pajamas and unshowered, hanging out and holding the baby. So at that point, I figured, take advantage, and got right in the shower and ready for the day! I was ready with more than an hour to spare.

The whole group of us headed over to Tap House, our regular haunt, to watch the Michigan v Ohio State game. Addie took a little nap during the game, and when she was awake, she really enjoyed looking at the Christmas Tree that was set up at the bar. She liked the sparkles and the colored lights. I took her home after the game for some more time at home which would hopefully continue to get her back on schedule.

It was a rough few days, and bad as it may sound, I was relieved to have family out of the house. Addie is still not back to her normal self completely, yesterday was definitely a "hold me Addie" day. So I hope that today is better.


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