Reflections on 2013

I am writing this from my phone as I have a little peanut hanging out in my arms having herself a little snack, but I wanted to make sure I wrote today and I had a chance to reflect on 2013 before it was over. Today is about reflect, tomorrow will be about new goals (which I still need to figure out).

In January, I was pregnant with lil Miss A and we had just told out families over the holiday. I was anxious about it, but was also ready to take on this new challenge but determined to make sure I got in all of those things I wanted to do before baby. J got a promotion/new role at work.

I went to running group, I registered for races. I ran in the freezing cold and snow with my friends. We got though the audit at work. I accomplished my pieces of that very successfully and considered my goal met on a professional level for that. Spring started to sneak up on us. 

I was physically growing, Teek turned 3, J was getting more and more busy in his new job. I unsuccessfully attempted to run the Glass City half at 25 weeks (probably more of a mental block than a physical one), and two weeks later fell and broke my elbow. 

I underwent a surgical repair (while awake because they couldn't put me under while I was pregnant) and spent the next several months in physical therapy. I had my baby showers. Zeus turned 2 and I turned 30 with little fanfare. My youngest brother visited us and he and J attended a few baseball games.

Addie was born and my world and priorities changed dramatically. We visited Kansas City and Boston. I ran a half marathon on pretty much zero training and Addie was baptized. We had out first Christmas with Addie. And now we are getting ready to turn over the year together.

It has been one hell of a year, and I hope next year is bigger and better!


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