Our Weekend in Toledo

J and I spent last weekend in Toledo with Addie. We headed up there to get her baptized and for my mom's family house-to-house party, which I am sure I mentioned last year. We actually ended up having a very full weekend, which turned out to be very fun! (I am not sure if J would agree with me, since some plans ended up changing, but I had fun, and Addie enjoyed herself.)

I took a half day on Friday. My original intentions were to head to the gym and get in some cardio, but I ended up not making it over there because I got busy with some other things. I didn't want to get myself and Addie home too late, because we needed to get to Toledo in decent time because of plans we had at night. As it turns out, I am really glad that I left when I did because it ended up taking us an hour to go 10 miles because of an accident in the worst spot of downtown Dayton. There was no shoulders because of construction, a lane was closed due to construction, and there was an on-ramp right there. So we were pretty much stuck when it came to trying to get through that area.

Because of that delay, it ended up taking us 4 hours to get to Toledo (normally three). We went straight to my dad's as he was going to babysit Miss Addie while J and I went out for the night. We had plans to attend a Walleye (Toledo's minor league hockey team) game with my cousin Megan and her husband Pete. They also got a babysitter. These are the same cousins that J and I took a trip to Cleveland with back in 2012. We knew going in that we were going to have fun, so as soon as we knew that we were going to Toledo that weekend, I got in touch with Megan about going to the hockey game. Hockey is HUGE in Toledo, even when the Walleye are not good (proximity to Detroit/Canada, I am guessing). 

It was Santa night at the Walleye game.
Sorry for the creepy eyes/blurry photo. Apparently J stinks at taking pictures AND holding his beer. Also, Santa is definitely getting a little fresh with Megan if you look at this hand placement. 

Saturday was the day of Addie's baptism. She was being baptized at Blessed Sacrament. That is the church that I grew up in and the church that J and I were married in. Now that the Monsignor is the pastor there, we were glad that the same priest who married J and I was going to baptize Addie. He told us to be there by 2 pm. The unexpected thing? We were hanging around 6+ inches of snow fallen since the previous night. Going from my dad's house to my mom's for J, the dogs, Addie, and I was a nightmare. We got over there in plenty of time (and so did my dad) but it was BAD out. 

We decided that it was going to be easier to walk the block from my Mom's to Church, so we just bundled the crap out of Addie and walked over there. I guess that is the bonus of living so close to the Church (and walking to school when I was a kid, of course). Addie's Godparents are my sister Rachel and J's friend Andy.
Here are Rachel and Andy at their previous meeting.
We've come a long way...

With the snow, my mom and Aunt Teresa decided that they were going to skip the first couple of houses for the house to house. Since they were not going, neither were J and I. Our original plan was to go to the first house, so everyone could meet Addie, and then head back to my mom's to keep her on her regular bedtime schedule, etc. Well, without going to the first house, I made the executive decision to play with her until they got to my mom's! She got to meet everyone, which was good, and then went right to bed. That ended up being ok and did not throw her off her game too much.

We left early yesterday morning and the roads were quite clear, so I was happy with that, since our drive 20 minutes across town was so miserable on Saturday morning. So I feel like even though plans changed and things were adjusted, we made it.


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