Going on a Date/Clean House

Well, it is my last day in the office before the holiday. I may or may not swing through on Monday depending on what is going on, but in general I plan to use that day without Addie to clean, finish wrapping gifts, and get ready for our trip up to T-Town the next morning. J will be at work as well, so I will have the house to myself. I am looking forward to some interrupted time to get a lot of things done! (Cross your fingers that this actually happens!)

Tomorrow J and I are planning on seeing a movie in the afternoon, which I am pretty excited about, but we actually need to do some cleaning at home before we go. His mom is babysitting, and if our house is a disaster (it pretty much is right now) she will clean it, and then I will not be able to find things! I hate that.

Sorry, I am complaining about someone trying to help me. It is just that it can be a little bit embarrassing to have someone come to your house and feel the need to clean it, you know?  I do feel a little bit more comfortable when it is my mom than when it is his though, which I would imagine is pretty normal.

So... plan for tomorrow is to go an see a matinee of Anchorman 2 (at 1:10 pm). It is a 2 hour movie, so after that we thinking we are going to grab a bite to eat, a late lunch/early dinner, so we can enjoy that time at a restaurant without Addie. Following some food, we may or may not go to Lowe's to look at washer/dryers. We are planning on using our bonus payments this year to buy those. Although I am sure that I will miss her, I always do. It almost seems ridiculous/crazy how much I miss that peanut when I am away from her for a few hours. It is usually a little bit better when she is at school and I am at work, but I definitely am missing her right now!

Anyone have any big "Last Weekend Before Christmas" plans?


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