Goals: Month of December

Well, we are now entering the final month of the year. It is really difficult to believe that we are already here. It has been a crazy year with a million changes, changes in my body, my job, my life, I have a baby now, for goodness sakes, but it has flown by. The year has been a very testing year, and I am really hoping to have a wonderful December in order to finalize the year on a strong and positive note. So let's lay out what I want to do for December to finish the year strong.

  1. Run/walk/crosstrain 100 miles - I have thrown the crosstraining in there since it is my goal to be better about doing it during my spring training cycle. Yes, if I cycle, it will make it easier to get there, but I can update annual goals come January.
  2. Create weekly meal plans and stick to them.
  3. Enjoy the holidays with my family and help Addie have a magical first Christmas.
  4. Cook two new recipes
  5. Set meaningful goals for 2014
I know that those goals all look simple and straightforward. I feel like I should be able to easily achieve what I want to get through this month, and I am hopeful that it makes me feel accomplished. 

I am looking forward to closing out this year that was all about change and growth. I am looking forward to having a whole year that is fresh and all in line with my new life, my life as a sometimes runner, full time mom, and getting through this last month with some success will help to lead me into it. At least, that is my hope.


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