Continuing to work on my Training

I have been spending some time thinking about what training plan I want to use when I am starting to focus on this big time goal that I have set for myself for Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon.
I really am hoping that getting through a very solid training plan will help me to achieve my sub-1:50:00 goal that I have set for myself this spring.

Right now, I have just been running miles. Working on ensuring that I can run 6-ish miles very comfortably. Working on making sure that my speed is improving a little. As I am becoming more and more comfortable with running, my speed is picking up on my weekend runs. And that is what I am working for during this base building phase.

I may or may not throw in a few speed sessions between now and the actual start of my training plan. I feel like I should because I need to start getting used to really firing up my legs if I am going to run on fired up legs for just under 2 hours.

I have eliminated a few of my training plan options at this point. I have decided that I am not going to go with the Hanson's plan for this half. I struggle to get 4-5 days of workouts in right now, so 6 days of running is probably not going to be particularly easy for me right now. My motivation is not at its highest currently, so I know that likely I am going to want at least one weekend day (plus, maybe even another day!) off completely, and selecting that plan is not going to allow it.

I am also not going to go with the McMillan plan. It is quite expensive. Yes, it will be personalized, but I just don't feel like it is a good investment right now, knowing that some workouts might be skipped, etc. But you bet your butt I am going to use their calculator to determine training paces for speed work!

In reality, as of now, I am leaning toward Jenny Hadfield's intermediate half marathon program. That will allow me 5-6 days of workouts. The 6th day, Friday, I can either run (if I feel up to it/have time for it) or rest. I feel like that has some flexibility built in, which I really need at this point. I may modify some things based on my own needs, but that is kind of where I stand currently.  


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