Being a Positive Role Model

So I am working hard to be on the workout train this week. I struggled quite a bit with it last week (and also the week before. So lame) and spent the majority of my time feeling guilty that I was not logging miles, lifting heavy stuff, or even going for walks. Heck, I was walking 4 miles-ish per day the day before I was induced (not the day that I went in because when they told me I was going to have to go in, I was too overwhelmed/nervous to do anything but sit on the couch with my hubby).

The struggle makes me question my dedication, and also causes me to remind myself that I want Addie to grow up having a healthy image of exercise and food. One where she sees it as a fun activity, not one to cause stress or anxiety.

Because I want these things for Addie, I need to learn to go with the flow better. I want her to see me enjoying my workouts, enjoying healthy food, because then she will learn that is what this is about.

I don't want Addie to go through all of the body issues/eating struggles that I went through. It is a terrible thing. My mom had absolutely nothing to do with it, if anything she provided me with a positive role model as she was regularly active, but not overly so, ate healthily but enjoyed treats in moderation, and is someone I can look up to in that way.

I want to be that person for Addie. Because after all, this face is the most important one in my world.


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