A Sunday List

Now that it is Sunday, I want to just fill you in on some things that I am thinking about. Things around here are pretty busy, and I am happy about that, and I got a good amount of work done today, which should eliminate my need to go in to work tomorrow, which I am very happy about. I am scheduled off tomorrow, but because Friday was so hectic, I did not get as many things done as I wanted to accomplish. So here are the things on my mind today.

  1. I got some work done today that I had figured I would need to get done tomorrow. I am relieved that I got it done today because now I think I am just going to log in to email for a little while tomorrow rather than actually needing to go into the office.
  2. Christmas is only like 3 days away. It is December 22 today. I am a little freaked out that maybe I don't have everything done that I need to get done. But I am reminding myself that I have all day tomorrow to accomplish anything else that needs to get done. I SHOULD manage.
  3. We are leaving early Tuesday to head up to Toledo for Christmas. I am wondering how much longer we will be doing that now that we have Miss A and having Christmas in Toledo will likely become more and more difficult as she gets older/bigger.
  4. I accomplished all the runs that I wanted to get in this week. I will do a full rundown of my workouts tomorrow in between errands and gift wrapping.
  5. It is currently naptime at our house. Teek and Addie are both asleep right near me. They are pretty adorable.
  6. Addie is also adorable when she is smiling.
How is your Sunday?


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