Weekly Workouts: Week of October 11

So last week was a little bit of a light week because of the travel. I had plans to get in extra workouts on more frequent days, however things just got over my head. I just was super busy with everything going on at work because I missed a few days. So I took a few days off to relax and just work right through my lunch hour rather than going to the gym or for a run, even though I had my gym clothes with me all the time.

So here is the workouts I accomplished last week.

Monday: 5.5 mile walk - walking the Freedom Trail and back with a little bit of additional wandering in Boston.
Tuesday: off - travel day
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: rest
Friday: 4 mile treadmill run at 8:51 average pace
Saturday: 6 mile run with the Buckeye group
Sunday: off

Weekly mileage: 15.5 miles including 2 runs and one crosstraining-ish walk. I am not sure that I can call it crosstraining since we were definitely stopping at various places and walking at a strolling pace for part of it, but it was definitely still exercise (Boston has lots of hills!)

Fridays run was at the gym. I played with the speed the entire time that I was running. I needed to keep doing that just to keep myself distracted the entire time. It ended up being a decently speedy run. I was pretty pleased with that pace overall, so I need to be proud of myself for getting through a tough run at a rough-ish pace. And I squared away four miles running which was a happy thing.

I kept J in the loop all week about how I wanted to go to run group on Saturday. I felt like keeping him in the loop would definitely be a good way to make sure that I got to go. It is between time for training right now at the group, so we are just sticking to keeping our mileage at a decent average. We had 6 planned miles including a new route. Karen stuck with me, which was great because I was definitely running a good amount slower than everyone else. Here are the splits:
Mile 5 was directly into the wind. I seriously thought I might fall down. I also considered quitting the run right then. I am so glad Karen was with me. If she wasn't, I definitely would have stopped running.

How were your workouts?


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