Weekly Workout Recap: Week of November 18 - Plus Addie

Let's talk about how my day started before I review my week last week and the workouts. So Addie woke up early today. She rose around 4:45 am. I got up with her and fed her with the intention of putting her back down for a little while. In between sides, I changed her diaper and reswaddled her, which usually gets her settled and cozy to fall asleep again. Today that didn't happen. Apparently it was morning and time to wake up. She was singing and talking and carrying on. So awake we were. We went and got Addie's puppies and took them outside to go and fed them and gave them their medicine. They are taking antibiotics still after they had their teeth cleaned last week.

I got ready, got Addie ready and then we headed downstairs to hang out and eat a little. The dogs were snuggling with Addie and I, they are currently very into her because she is much more aware of them. She pats them, and tries to eat their tails.

But then after we ate, and as we were trying to get everything packed up and ready for the day. I got the pump packed up, got the bottles I needed for the day, and got everything loaded up. And then it happened. A very juicy bit of gas followed by wet. Blowout. The worst blowout ever. Her poop went all the way up her back. I had poop all over me and she had it all over herself too. I got her undressed as best as I could, and then had to take her into the bathroom to basically bathe her in her socks and attempt to get the diaper off of her without an even bigger mess. I ended up with poop all over my hands and clothes, but she got clean and eventually I did too. But yes, that is how my day started.

So my workouts last week... They did not turn out exactly as I had hoped for, but I still hammered through 4 in the week. I hit my 20 miles goal, but I did get some of them cycling. I suppose it is what it is...

Monday: 4.5 miles. Warm up, 3x mile repeats @ 8:34 w/400 recovery, cooldown
Tuesday: 4 miles, easy pace
Wednesday: 1.5 miles on elliptical, 6.5 miles (easy) on the bike for 45 minutes of total cross training
Thursday: off
Friday: unplanned rest day
Saturday: 6.18 miles with the Buckeye group. 9:03 average pace (getting that little speed back!)
Sunday: rest day

Total mileage: 22.68

It was a really good week overall. I have to remember that when I am feeling discouraged about everything. When I feel like I am not working hard enough. 4 workouts is normal for people who work out consistently. If it is light for me, maybe it needs to be more of the new me. Maybe I need to aim for 3-4 workouts per week rather than 6. I need to come to terms with this.

Have a great week everyone!


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