Updates and Back at Workouts

Tuesday morning. I am feeling back to normal after the half on Sunday. I am ready to get back after my workouts and running today. I took yesterday off to rest. I was not necessarily sore, but I knew that it was probably best for me to take the day off. I know that I would normally take the day after a big race off, so I guess I needed to do that again.

Addie seems to be feeling a little bit better today as well. She still did not sleep through the night. Again. She was up around 12:30 am and again around 4:30. I put her back down around 5:30 and figured another hour of sleep would be good for her. So I was up, pumped for about 10 minutes (I am working CRAZY hard in an attempt to increase my supply and avoid supplementation), and then got ready for my day. Addie stayed asleep that whole time. When I got her up, I had to get out a cute outfit for her, as it is picture day at Addie's school. Even though she has recently had pictures taken and we have recently had family photos taken, she is still going to look mega-cute at school for those pictures.

Things at work have been hectic since I have been back here. It has been more than 6 weeks now. It is hard to believe that I have been back here for more than 6 weeks, and Addie has been at school for more than 6 weeks. I can't believe how quickly time is passing. I feel overwhelmed with the different things that we are trying to do here at the office. I feel like I am moving back into a public accounting role that I have been kind of trying to avoid since I left public accounting more than three years ago.

But that is part of my life again now. I need to get myself readjusted to the new way that I am working. I still work at a company that I really feel kind of passionate about. So I just need to get used to it. Right? There are definitely still some awesome things about this place, so I am glad about that.

I am starting to work on putting together my training schedule for the Glass City Marathon. There will be two schedules put together. I am going to make one schedule that will get me a PR in the half, and one to PR in the full. I am not sure yet which I am going to go with, it kind of all depends on how I can fit running into my schedule with Addie. I plan on figuring things out in my base building time between now and Christmas. I plan on chatting with J to get an idea of how much time he will allow me to train on weekends and in the mornings.

That might be a bad way to say it. How much time he will allow me to have...  that sounds bad. I just know that he often gets stressed out when I am gone at run group in the mornings. Regardless, I definitely need to figure it out.

How do you handle long runs with a young baby?


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