Training Plan Options

Like I mentioned last Friday, I really want to step up my training for this cycle, and make sure to include significant crosstraining and strength training in order to get the best results out of this cycle. I am exploring different training plan options to figure out what will be the best option to get me my PR in the Spring. I have found a few that are at the front as far as options, and I am going to lay them all out here.

1. Hanson's Marathon Method
I own this book and have read it recently. I like the idea of this book because it focuses on running on tired legs in order to imitate the last few miles of a race, rather than the first. But there is very high mileage during the week for what you might be used to, and therefore I am not sure if this is the correct plan.

2. One of Jenny Hadfield's free half marathon training plans from her website. I am leaning toward the advanced half marathon plan because it just feels like the best option to really focus toward
versatile training. Some strength training, some cross training and running (with speedwork) is all included in this 14 week plan.

3. One of Run the Edge's Level Up plans. This one looks like fun, kind of like a board game. You complete your workouts, etc, and then you get to level up to the next stage. How can you go wrong with a plan written by Olympians?

4. A plan from McMillan Running. I worship this pace calculator and I use it all the time. The plans from them are pretty pricey, but they are personalized unlike the Run the Edge plans.

5. RunCoach. This is what Karen and I used when training for the Columbus Marathon. She has since subscribed to it completely and LOVES it. It is personalized based on your recent race paces. Karen highly recommends it and loves the workouts and the plans that come with it. It is a subscription based service, it costs $130 for a whole year (the best value) and could be utilized going into the fall season as well.

Have you used any of these training plans? Any recommendations?


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