Thanksgiving Prep and Planning

As I posted in my November goals blog, I am making Thanksgiving dinner for the first time. I am in charge of the turkey, which is just the way that I wanted it. I ordered my turkey from Whole Foods and I get to pick it up fresh the day before Thanksgiving. I am headed up there on my lunch hour to pick up the turkey. That way I won't have to do any defrosting or anything when I am trying to prepare it.

Now, I have never prepared a whole turkey before. So I have been googling lots of options for lessons on how to cook a whole turkey. From time it takes to roast, to rubs, and stuffing recipes (even though I know that my dad is in charge of that, he claimed it right away!) I wanted to be as prepared as possible so I could have success.

Here are some of the options that I have uncovered.
The simplest, easiest method.
The Food Network Plan.
The Plan from TLC
There are obviously an obscene number of options that I can use in my turkey preparation, but I am thinking that I am going to wing a rub with some of the different options that I have read about. And I will definitely be following directions from these webpages on how long to cook the turkey. Because I do not know that.

Yes, I will have my dad and Aunt Debbie to help me, but I still want to be able to kind of do these things myself. That is why I have been doing this research rather than just waiting to rely on my dad for help. This way I can seem like I am completely in control.

Do you prepare Thanksgiving dinner? How do you prep your turkey?


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