Snow Addie's First Halloween

Halloween was quite successful considering that it was pouring down rain. Addie only trick-or-treated at one house (next door) just so Steve and Carol got to see my little one in her costume. But first I had to pick her up from school. Apparently it was a very fun day at school though, because she sure was a happy girl!
I still love those silly dogs that she has on her carseat straps. They make me laugh every single time. And she loves them too. She likes to hold them and eat their heads. For someone so full of boogers (she is very boogery) she sure is cheerful. We spend a lot of time with the booger sucker. She hates it while it is happening but then afterward she is a happy camper.

She had a Halloween costume that came in the mail from Grammy Rose.

My little Snow Addie. Momma's favorite Disney Princess and Momma's favorite Princess all in one! Isn't she so beautiful? But here is the kicker... I know I posted a picture of me yesterday, but it got better:
Momma Snow and Baby Snow. That dress did not fit perfectly, but I got it zipped. Oh momma body...  At least my chest is bigger? Ha!

How was your Halloween?


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