Mason Half Marathon: Race Recap

Well, I lived to tell the tale of the Mason Half Marathon. I guess in a lot of ways, that was all I was asking for, right? I ran it. I finished it. I received my medal, and then I went home and spent the entire rest of the day with Miss Addie. She is definitely growth spurting, and so she pretty much just wanted to spend the day attached to me. And when she wasn't, she was pretty much a fussbudget. I think I had gotten spoiled of her calming down a little bit, after she reached the 8 week mark, so the fact that she is now cranky pants again is tough. But it will only last a few days, I think.

But that is not the point of this entry. I am here to tell you about my half marathon. The one I was nervous as hell about, even though I tried not to let on in the blog. The one that I was not sure I would finish simply because of lack of training. I ran 6 miles twice in the 6 weeks that I had been running since Addie was born. The first 6 weeks I just walked with her every day. So here are the facts that will demonstrate my lack of preparedness going into this race.
1. I had a baby 12 weeks ago.
2. I have only been running for 6 weeks.
3. The longest training run I had was 6 miles.
4. I hadn't run AT ALL for 12 weeks prior to giving birth because of my fall/elbow break with the exception of a few 1 minute intervals on the treadmill.

That adds up to 18 weeks without running followed by 6 weeks of low mileage followed by a half marathon. So clearly I was not really trained for this, but I wanted to do it. It was basically to prove a point to myself and give myself a little bit of confidence going into training for the spring. I am 90% sure that I am going to run a full.

So I arrived at Mason High School around 7:15 am. The race started at 8 am, but I was inside the school using the bathroom, stretching, and staying warm. It felt pretty good to spend time stretching out since that is not something that I normally do. I headed outside to the start line with everyone else to hear the national anthem and then the race got started. I originally made plans to bring my ipod with me, I thought I might need the distraction, since I was not sure that I was going to survive the race. Unfortunately, I couldn't find my ipod.

Instead of the ipod, I decided to try and focus on something or someone for each mile. In addition, I did not wear my watch or even use my phone app to track my splits. I have no splits to share. Instead I can tell you what I spent my time thinking about while I was running.
Mile 1: This is my race, so take it easy.
Mile 2: Karen. My very close friend and running buddy who encourages me.
Mile 3: Brett. The running coach at Buckeye.
Mile 4-5: Jes, Andrew & Randy. The Buckeye Brew Hogs.
Mile 6-9: My Bourbon Chase team (there are lots of them)
Mile 10: Leah & Katie. The women who got me to start running in the first place.
Mile 11:My family
Mile 12: Jason
Mile 13: Addie
And the last 0.10 I ran for me.

It was the most difficult race I have run since my first half marathon. I met only my C goal. Finish. My time was 2:11:37. I walked on and off during mile 12 & 13. My legs were tired and heavy. I honestly got a little bit nervous about falling. I think that is a fear I am going to have to get through as well. I don't need anymore elbows broken. But I finished the race. I am proud of that and I have that little bit of added confidence going into training for the spring.

Did you race this weekend? How did it go?


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