Goals for Tomorrow

Picked up my packet this morning for tomorrow's half marathon. I have all of my clothes picked out (but not laid out yet, I will do that later this afternoon, I think. I know in my head that it is going to be a tights morning, even though I would rather wear socks. I know I will be warmer to get started with tights. And although, yes, I know I will get warmer, I think tights are the right bet since it will help my legs to get warm faster (which will help me to get running more comfortably faster).

So the plan is the Lesley Tights by Oiselle. My singlet (obviously). The long sleeved Flyte top (I own it in graphite). ProCompression trainer low socks in hot pink. My Brooks Ghost shoes (this link shows the 6s and I have the 5s, but I will definitely purchase the 6s in the future). Some toss gloves that J never tossed after the Columbus marathon a year ago. My chica band in Drive Me Dotty (purchased at the Glass City Marathon expo last spring) to keep my growing out bangs out of my way. That just about covers it.

I also set myself some very conservative goals for the race, knowing that I am not completely trained. I set myself an A, B & C goal to try and keep myself on track. I think that should really help me to complete this race. I know that a PR is not even a stretch goal at this point, so I have not set that for myself. My goals are REALLY conservative.
A Goal: 2:10 (a 9:55 avg pace)
B Goal: run the entire race
C Goal: finish

My current PR is 1:53:52. It was set at this race last year. My slowest half? 2:01:23 with a 9:15 average pace. And that race hurt if I remember correctly. Jes and I ran the 5K following that half and struggled to keep our legs moving (but we were glad we did since it felt so good to shake them out when it was over!) My A goal is more conservative than the slowest half I have ever run. I just really want to finish this race. That's it. It really is the only thing I want to do at this point. I feel like with my longest run being 6 miles so far, it is all I can ask for.

Race recap tomorrow, wish me luck!


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