Gettin Ready to Travel

I am getting ready to head out for vacation this afternoon. I am looking forward to leaving but anxious about leaving little Miss Addie. I am certainly really glad that my Mom is the one who is going to be in town to watch her, if there is one person (other than J and her teachers!) that I can trust with her, it is my mom! But I am also prepare to be relatively attached to my pump (every 4 hours) this weekend. I have to keep thinking about this gal while I am gone to make sure that I can keep her fed and healthy!
How cute is she?

We don't have a whole lot of plans for the weekend so far. I am planning on running a little on the hotel treadmill. We are hoping to walk the Freedom Trail, visit the Harpoon Brewery, take the Fenway Park tour, and I am going to see the Boston Marathon finish line. Yes, there is not anything in stone, but those things all sound pretty fun. We'll just do some exploring. I have never been to Boston that I can recall. I was there once when I was about Addie's age, but clearly I do not remember that.

Yesterday I went for a run in the cold at lunch. It was low 50s. I just wore a t-shirt. I knew it would be cold when I first got out there, but I also knew that once I got running, I would warm up pretty quickly. I just wanted it to be a short run. Here were my splits:
Mile 1 - 9:32
Mile 2 - 9:16
Mile 3 - 9:07
Mile 4 - 9:09 (this was just 0.66 miles total)

It felt like a pretty good run. I hope that continuing these runs will be great.


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