Decision Making and a Cute Baby!

Well, I have a little bit of a running update. I feel like I need to post about decisions made and moving forward.

I have made the decision about what I want to do for the Glass City Marathon in the Spring. I was hung up between training for the full and training for the half. I hadn't figured out which I was going to do, nor was I sure how fitting full marathon training into my schedule was going to work. I need to be with Miss Addie a lot especially right now while I am still nursing, so I just was not feeling too confident in my abilities to train for a full marathon.

So I have made the decision to go for a half marathon PR. In the Glass City Marathon, which was my very first sub-two half marathon. So my goal that I am setting out there right now... sub 1:50:00. I want to run it in 1:49:xx.
I think that is a solid goal to have. I am going to be spending from now until mid January trying to get my speed and comfort with running back to where it was before I got pregnant or in my early pregnancy. And then in mid January, I start my workouts with full force and gusto to get to where I want to be!

So I have spent a lot of time with Addie over the weekend. She is such a funny baby. She was happy overall this weekend, even in the evenings, which is normally her rough time. She is growing up crazy fast, and I love this little peanut.
 Isn't she such a pretty girl? I love that silly baby so much. Did you know she is three months old already?
Gramma took this picture of her while we were in Boston, since she officially turned 3 months on the 9th when we were gone. What lame parents we are to not be around on her 1/4 year birthday! Regardless, she is pretty freaking cute. Happy 3 month birthday a week ago, little lady!


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