Boston Day 3

After Abby Lane for dinner, I spent another night waking up every 4 hours (at some point, J gets used to my alarm and does not even flinch when I wake up in the middle of the night - we have reached that point) to pump. When I am at work, I do not go as long in between pumpings. I go 2.5-3 hours. When you go further apart like I did on vacation, it is obscene the amount of milk that will come out! I am not sure if overall that would lead to more milk or not. Today I am going to space things out a little more and just see what happens, I think.

Sorry - tangent.

We got up slowly once again the next morning and we were showered and ready to head out by 10:30 am-ish. Now, to some, that might not seem that late, but we are both normally up and getting things done on weekends at home (even before the baby) by 8:30 or so. Our plan for the morning was to walk the Freedom Trail. J is into history, and I like exercise (and also seeing new things) so this was going to be a good one for us!

The Freedom Trail starts at Boston Commons. The greatest part of our hotel? It was 2 blocks (or less) from Boston Commons with a Starbucks and a Dunkin' Donuts in between. :) We stopped at Starbucks this time (we had Dunkin' Donuts on Sunday) and then hit the Visitor's Center at the Commons. We were not planning on taking a guided tour, as we wanted to do it our own way, but figured we should maybe get a map of the trail. So we picked up a map of the trail, learned that the red line was the trail (and went the entire length of it) and headed out. One of our first stops was the old city hall.
(Thank goodness for J getting his iPhone out regularly to capture things.) We were just hanging out across the street looking at this building. It's pretty, right? I think the gold dome is kind of funny, but it is a really neat building. We saw lots of gravestones, including this one:

This one made J decide that he wanted his headstone to say "Big Pimpin', Ardent Patriot" on his own headstone. It is amazing those old headstones, some of them are so faded that you cannot read them anymore. They have skulls or symbols on them and there are signs in the graveyard to describe what the symbols mean. We followed the trail around and got to see lots of neat things throughout downtown. It is funny. J actually knew about a lot of the stops because of a video game he played (Assassins Creed 3 took place during the Revolution, and that is J's favorite video game series. J would tell me that he had climbed on top of these buildings or drank at this bar with Revolutionaries.)
(This is actually that Tavern that he drank at in the video game). We went to this pub/tavern for lunch. J was very excited because they had $1 oysters. I am allergic to shellfish, so I did not enjoy that, but he thought they were delicious. We went to a lot of other neat places including the USS Constitution and the Bunker Hill memorial.

And J posed with Paul Revere.
After we hit up all of these sites, we headed back to downtown, right next to the Green Dragon, to go to the Union Oyster House - claim to fame: America's Oldest Restaurant. J got some more oysters, and we each had a beer. We had some time back at the hotel for pumping and picking dinner. We wanted to go someplace really different/kind of nice. I hopped on Yelp and started searching. I wanted there to be seafood/oysters since J was kind of on a roll. I also wanted there to be other options since shellfish is not one of those options that I can enjoy.

We ended up at a place called Post 390 which was a few blocks away in Back Bay. They had a "farm to post" (versus farm to table. ha!) menu, which I ordered from. J and I both had fish for dinner which was delicious. I would definitely recommend checking it out if you are in Boston!

We left the next morning.

We will soon be back to our regularly scheduling posting.


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