Boston Day 2

Sorry for the delay in this post. Things have been busy at home and work, so now I need to play catch up.

After our night spent drinking at Harpoon, J woke up with a headache. I cannot say I am surprised, but it turned out to be hangover mixed with a sinus headache, so it lasted much longer than such a headache should have lasted. We were slow to get up that morning for sure. I was relatively attached to the pump, even though I was not with Addie for 3 days, I wanted to keep all of the supply up in order to resume feeding as regularly scheduled upon my return to Cincinnati. So I had an alarm on my phone set for every 4 hours. While we were at the hotel, I used the big hospital grade pump. But I carried the manual one around with me while I was gone.

We decided that Sunday would be the perfect day to head over to Cambridge. We could see MIT, Harvard, Cambridge Brewing Company, etc. I wanted to find something Harvard for little genius baby Addie. That was kind of my goal, in addition to seeing the campus as I have heard it was beautiful. Cambridge Brewing Company was J's idea, although I was kind of surprised that he was up for that again since he was feeling yesterday.

Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of Harvard. So instead, here is a picture of Addie laughing hysterically.
J and I decided to start over to Cambridge walking, with plans to pick up a cab somewhere on the way. There was just a Cambridge Rd and we figured that if we followed it, eventually we would end up at least in generally the correct direction. We had a map of downtown as well as the train map, so we knew that this particular street would get us headed in the correct direction.

We ended up continuing to walk. We headed over the Longfellow Bridge which took us into Cambridge. MIT was directly over the bridge. Their campus was interesting. It seemed a little bit more urban than most college campuses I have seen. Not a whole lot of greenspace or anything. The buildings had labels on them that would be completely strange at other colleges. It was just extremely obvious how smart and science-y people are there. We walked by a bookstore and Jason (who, mind you, is SUPER smart) said, "holy crap. I don't even know that that word is!"

Lessons learned from walking to Cambridge...  Emily is SUPER great at reading paper maps, but lousy at understanding phone GPS. We definitely got lost. I have no idea how I managed that. I mean, I had specific directions on my phone to get to the University. But I was not using the navigation portion. I was just looking at the turn by turn directions, which somehow had me all turned around. Yes, we definitely got lost.

Eventually we made it all the way over to Harvard. We got there finally. That campus was unlike any campus I have ever been on. And by that I mean the buildings were beautiful brick buildings. There was greenspace everywhere. There was not a student to be found. Seriously, no kids (or adults) walking around campus. You could not find a school store or cafeteria or anything. Those things seem to be blatantly obvious at every other campus I have been on (ok, not MIT, that was another weird one). Not finding the bookstore was unfortunate because I had big plans on what I wanted to get for Addie.

After seeing all of the campus, J and I grabbed a cab and headed over to the Brewing Company. That was back close to MIT, so I am glad that we took a cab over there. We both had a beer off of their list - I got pumpkin, obviously - and we enjoyed our lunch. That took the majority of the day. We finally got back to the hotel (via train) and we just hung out and relaxed for a little while. We had walked probably 6.5 miles and were looking forward to a break. So we hung out in the room, I pumped with the electric pump (score over the manual!) and we made our dinner plans to hit the restaurant that was right next door to our hotel. Abby Lane.

The sign on the window of Abby Lane indicated that the chef/owner was on Hell's Kitchen and J and I just watched the most recent season of that show. Suffice to say, we are kinda into celebrity chefs. I made us a reservation for the restaurant since we were staying in the theater district and it was a show night. That just seemed like a good plan. J selected the restaurant because he thought there looked like there were a lot of taps in there. Turned out the food was much better than the beer, although we had good beer too. I selected a personal pizza off the menu. It had sausage, scallions, pesto, and balsamic on it. It was delicious. J got chicken with some kind of yummy rub on it. We both were extremely happy with our selections.

So ended Day 2 in Boston.


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