Boston Day 1

I am in Boston. So far we are definitely having a good time and seeing a lot. The day started yesterday with a trip to City Sports to get some shoes for J. Stupidly, I managed to forget his shoes. Honestly, I am not sure how I managed to do that, but I did. so he got himself some new running shoes. he seems to like them so far, he got mizuno wave inspires. I think he is grateful to have them, as we have done a lot of walking. After City Sports, we got to see the marathon finish line (obviously, a bigger deal to me than to him).
I was pretty excited about that.

After that, we continued down Boyleston St until we found a sports bar that had some tvs and stuff where we could have lunch. I also took a little time out in the bathroom here to pump. I carried the manual pump with me because that was obviously much easier than taking the big heavy thing. I just made myself pump for 10 minutes on each side every 4 hours-ish. That seemed to work out fine.

Following lunch, we kept walking to go toward Fenway Park, we wanted to do a tour. With them just winning the World Series though, tours were obviously sold out. So we went to the team store so J could get a t shirt, I could get a pin, we got Addie a magnet for her collection, and J got a Christmas gift for who he has in our siblings exchange.

Across the street from Fenway is Boston Beer Works, so we decided to go grab a drink. We each ordered samplers with 4 different beers in them. Their beers are pretty yummy! I enjoyed the 4 that I selected. I think J liked his as well. We did not get food here as we had just eaten not that long before. But the beer was fun and they had lots of choices.

Off to Harpoon Brewery beer hall for the remainder of the evening. J did another flight here, and I had a raspberry wheat beer which was delicious (among other beers). We were there for several hours and enjoyed several beers. It was a cool place. They also had some delicious pretzels. We pretty much stuck with pretzels for our meals. We had a fun first full day!


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