Workout + Little Screamer

Just after I got home from picking up Addie last night (and was greeted by an insanely clean house, courtesy of my husband who took the day off work yesterday), I got an email from someone at work that sent my evening into a worried tailspin. Obviously, at that point, there was very little I could do about the situation, but it definitely set me up for a lot of thinking/worrying prior to arriving at the office this morning. But I reached out to the appropriate people immediately, knowing that was all that I could do for now. So now that I am in the office, we will see how today rolls out.

The good news is that I had a good day yesterday. I managed to get in a solid workout at the gym at lunchtime. As you all know, I have not been doing so great at that, so the fact that I pulled it off is great news, and something I am very pleased with. Not only did I manage to get to the gym, but I managed to get in a full workout, weights AND cardio (although not as much cardio as I might get some days!).

As far as my strength workouts go, I have been casually following Jamie Eason's LiveFit workouts as they do not seem too overwhelming to do (usually 3 sets of 6 exercises), which leaves me with time to fit in a half hour of cardio at my lunch time.

Since last week ended up being a light workout week, I am not doing the days in order just yet. I am hoping to get 4 days of lifting in this week though, including all 4 that she has set up. Yesterday I did Shoulders & Abs, since I had not done them yet (and since the print out with the exercises was in my car). I did not necessarily go as heavy as I would have liked on the shoulder press, but that is because my elbow was HURTING, but I was not that far off, I was still hurting by the end. And for some of the other exercises, I was able to go heavier than I thought I would. So - winning!

After finishing the shoulders/abs circuit, I was off to the treadmill. I did three miles at an 8:55 pace. No special workout here (like speedwork, progression, HIIT), just kind of changed up the pace frequently (up and down) to keep me distracted. This gym that I frequent at lunch has the TVs that you need to have a radio app for (and tune into whatever FM stations to get sound) so I am not as easily distracted as I would be at other gyms. You know, where I might have a TV right on the treadmill that I could plug my headphones into, or even on my home treadmill where I have my TV setup in front of it. Regardless, three miles at that pace was something that I was absolutely feeling happy about.

Hopefully I can keep it up. Getting in solid workouts makes it much easier to deal with my little screamer.
Have a great day!


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