Weekly Workouts: Week of September 30

Another Monday, which means another wrap up of my weekly workouts. I like having them all laid out for me right here, that way I feel a little bit more accountable for what I did (or didn't do!) during the week.

Last week was a week of transition, I feel like. I still got in some runs, but for once, my week was not focused on running. I know that running is not going to get me to the physical place that I want to be, and that I feel comfortable at, so I am scaling back. I am still planning on running in Indy in November, but it will likely be on just three runs per week, maxing out at 10 miles. I would feel comfortable with a half marathon having run 10 miles I think. That last 5K will be all mental.

This newfound plan goes along with the fact that I am now officially working with Kyra to get back to my prebaby (not to mention, pre-elbow injury) self. So here were last week's workouts:

Monday: Legs & core circuit
Tuesday: 4 miles, easy pace over lunch
Wednesday: 2.18 mile walk with Carol over lunch
Thursday: 3.12 mile progression run
Friday: 2.5 miles HIIT workout (5 minute warm up, 60s on/90s off, 5 minute cool down) & Shoulders and arms strength workout
Saturday: 2.2 mile walk (to and from Hospice), 5K (which measured at 3.2 miles), 1.8 mile cooldown run - all with Addie and the stroller
Sunday: Full body tabata workout - 24 minutes

Totals: 19 miles (running & walking), two strength workouts, 1 full body crosstraining

Overall, it was a very good week of workouts, and I can only anticipate things getting better and better as time goes on. I will keep everyone up to date on my progress as time passes.
My smiling girl for your viewing pleasure.


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