Weekly Workouts: Week of October 7

As far as workouts go, last week was not great. I struggled with time management and exhaustion. I am not sure where the exhaustion comes from. It could be the full time job + all night with a baby, it could be adding in the strength training that I have been trying to do, it could be my body not yet being adjusted to getting mostly good food versus processed crap, I don't know. Most likely it is a combination of all of the above, but either way, I am just beat. Last week, I took as many rest days as I did the week I had my elbow operated on and was in terrible pain + meds!

I am hoping this week will bring a back-on-track sort of week so I can at least feel like I am accomplishing something. I know that I am likely going to be winging it at the Indy Monumental, but like I have said, at this point, finishing is my goal. That is it.

So anyway...  I guess it is time to look at my workouts for the week, it shouldn't take too long due to the end of the week meltdown...

Monday: Chest & back strength training. HIIT sprints on the TM (totaling 2.57 miles)
Tuesday: Tempo run, 1 mile warm up, 3 @ 8:29-ish, 1 mile cool down
Wednesday: Legs and Core Strength training, HIIT strength workout (very similar to a Crossfit WOD)
Thursday: REST (was WAY too tired)
Friday: REST (needed to pack to travel to Toledo)
Saturday: walking all over Frankenmuth (basically, rest)
Sunday: REST

As you can see, this was pretty much the worst workout week I have had in AGES. I was full of guilt for the remainder of the week when I realized on Friday that I definitely was NOT getting a workout done. It just was not going to happen. There was too much to do at our house before we picked up Addie to take her to Toledo for the weekend. Going to the gym would not be good for helping my family out.

I am very very hopeful that soon enough we will have her sleeping through the night full time. Once she does, then hopefully I will be able to be caught up on sleep enough again to start getting in workouts in the morning. I am struggling to squeeze in my lunchtime workouts right now. I am very hopeful that all of this resolves itself quickly. I am STRUGGLING at work right now as a result.


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