Thoughts after 1 Day (+Addie Pics!)

Yesterday was day 1 of being on the meal plan created for me by The Get in Shape Girl. It was extremely filling, and I struggled to fit in all of the meals. And the food was much higher quality than I normally get. The only processed food I ate all day was whey protein powder after my workout. And while I generally eat a good amount of veggies, etc, I might supplement a lot of that with processed crap.

This morning when I woke up, I honestly felt a little different. I know it has been only one day, so it likely is just a mental thing, but I will take it, whatever it is, because I feel good. So now I just need to keep it up. It is not going to be easy to stick to the plan all the time, but I am determined to really get the results that I want from this venture. I mean, I am paying good money for help because this was something that I needed the motivation to stick to.  Having a way to stay accountable, etc, is going to be the key is really getting comfortable eating lots and lots of clean foods.

I was thinking about it, and my first coach that I worked with, Joe, did not provide a whole lot of specifics, for meal plans. He obviously said that food is best (and would prefer eggs to protein powder, etc), but in general, it was "stick to the outlined macros". I definitely made progress here with this plan. I trained myself in the importance of protein (and I ALWAYS go way over what protein says is required on MFP or whatever tracking app I may be using at the time), but I did not really break cravings for bad foods, or adjust to eating cleanly all the time. I am hoping that I am finally going to crack that and be on top of this.

I am hoping that "healthy fats" (including nut butters a few times a day!) will help get me over the hump. I always buy natural almond/peanut butter, so the only ingredients are that nut (and sometimes salt), so I don't feel guilty about it. We will see how things go, I am only a few days in, so I cannot really make a judgment call about diet yet.

Now the workouts? So far, I can say that things are going pretty darn well. I have done three prescribed workouts so far (2 strength and 1 tabata/full body) and feel like I am really enjoying them and getting a lot out of them. It definitely helps that I have had experience with other coaches and trainers, because most of the moves I am comfortable executing. Some I need to watch videos on for a little help, but in general, I feel like I know what I am doing and I am able to use good form.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, Addison:

She will be 2 months old tomorrow!

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