Sleepy Scheduling

So I tried something new with Addie last night. I had been waking her every four hours since she was 10 days old to feed her at night. This was because of how tiny she is. People that are friends or coworkers are surprised that at two months, I was still doing that. After all, I am feeding her, she is growing, and even though my supply my struggle, I work hard every day with pumping to try and increase things, as well as to make sure that at least the three feedings that she gets at school every day are large-ish. So they might be bigger than what I give her at home based on my supply. She has always been a frequent eater versus a large eater. So maybe more of a snacker? She has "eating for your physique" ideals (8-10 small meals a day rather than 5-6 large sounds like the baby equivalent of my 5-6 smaller meals per day rather than 3 large, doesn't it?) as a baby!

Anyway, I fed her around 9 pm. This is our normal bedtime feeding time. Before bed, we bathe (every other night), get a clean diaper, put our pjs on, and right now, use the booger sucker thing as she has been congested. She hates it, but you can tell she knows it helps her because when we are done, she is all smiles, as evidenced here:
After that we are ready to feed. Usually feeding puts her right to sleep.

After feeding, she went down. I set my alarm, as usual, for 1 am, but made the decision that I was going to let her sleep. I was just going to wait until she started crying before I went in to feed her again. She is growing up and maybe doesn't need her mommy every four hours. Let the gal sleep! She woke up at 4:30 am. I fed her, and back down she went. I had to wake her in the morning though, around 6:30 to make sure she had time to eat and get ready for the day before I took her to school.

Overall, we did pretty well...


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