Lazy Saturday

Saturday afternoon. Addison is asleep. J is up in Columbus for the Ohio State game. It has been pouring down rain all day. If it stops, I am going to the bank. It needs to stop so I can walk there and push Miss A in the stroller. Otherwise, it will have to wait until morning. With the rain and Addie being cranky, a long run was out for today. I am really glad that I got her to go to sleep when I took her to Target, and now I am trying to realize since it was already a trying morning.

I should think about trying to squeeze in a little workout, but probably not. I probably don't feel like it. I already told Jason he will be on baby duty for a while tomorrow so I can get one in. At this point, it definitely is not looking promising for me to manage to run in Indy. Not only am I undertrained, but J acts like I have never said anything to him about it. (PS: I have, several times...)

Instead of a workout, I went with a long hot shower while Addie napped. She was in her carseat (that is where she fell asleep) so I brought her up to the bathroom with me in her chair and she hung out in that on the floor and I was able to get a nice hot shower. With the way the weather is today, a shower was awesome. It has just been cold and gross outside, so I am really glad that I had that time to do that. It always feels good (sometimes even better than a workout?) to take a super hot shower.

It is just one of those days I guess...


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