Quick BF Update

So yesterday was another complete failure of a day in the workout department. I definitely did not work out, despite my best intentions. I just was absolutely exhausted. I kept falling asleep on the couch next to Addie all day. And sometimes even when I was feeding her or holding her, which is probably not so great. So I am definitely still suffering from a little bit of exhaustion.

Breastfeeding TMI below - skip if that weirds you out, but it is part of my life now!

Addie has started to sleep through the night on some nights (others, she only wakes up once), but that does not mean that I am sleeping through the night. After a few conversations with Gloria (I have mentioned her before, my personal -HA- lactation consultant), I determined that I need to get up around 2 am and pump (and hope that the baby doesn't wake up WHILE I am pumping). This has a few purposes.
  1. Gets me a little bit of extra milk to freeze for when I am gone (like when J and I head to Boston without her in three weeks)
  2. Keeps me from getting WAY TOO FULL (the other day I pulled one out to feed her after her sleeping through the night and it was dripping crazy!)
  3. Keeps my supply going strong. Gloria said if I go more than 5 hours I run the risk of slowing down and potentially getting my cycle back.
So for the last three nights I have gotten myself up in the middle of the night, gone down to the kitchen (usually Teek joins me. I think she likes to make sure I am safe.) and pumped for 20 minutes. When I am at work, I usually go for thirty, but it IS the middle of the night, and that is still good.

End TMI.

Yesterday J, Addie and I got our family photos taken for the first time. Well, for the first time with Addie. We have wedding pictures, obviously, and engagement pictures too, but now we have the little Miss with us. We went to the same park that we had our engagement photos taken and it was with the same photographer (and the same one who took those few Addie pics that I shared). They went well, and Addie stayed happy for the most part. There are definitely some photos of her with a bink shoved into her mouth, but hey, she is a baby and she loves her bink. So what? I cannot wait to share everything with you.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post about a workout. Hopefully soon my body will be back to agreeing with me and loving workouts and love being pushed super hard because my brain misses it.


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