Lofty Goals

I am feeling a little lost right now with goals and stuff. I have two big goals, and they do not necessarily work together very well.
My fear is that these goals may be somewhat mutually exclusive. I mean, my body is likely to hold on to a little bit of the tummy that I developed for some extra fat to help with feeding. At least, that is what I am seeing so far. I have been making a lot of efforts to work hard to clean up my diet. I am pretty much off diet coke (YES!) and I am packing my lunch (lots of protein!) every day. And J and I have pretty much only been going out to dinner once a week, which is HUGE for us.

I reached out to Kyra (also known as the Get in Shape Girl) asking some questions and asking about her experience with nursing mothers. We have emailed back and forth twice now, so I am hoping to hear from her again today. Someone whose job it is to get women into shape might be valuable to me.

What big goals are you working toward?


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