Hill Workout

Yesterday ended up better than I originally expected based on the early part of my entry. Things were so busy in the office that we did not even get a chance to address the issue that we were having. While that is just putting it off, and we still will need to address it, I had some extra time yesterday to sort of work through the issue to have some more definitive answers for when we get the chance to get together to discuss. That leaves me feeling more comfortable and solid about the problem.

I had another successful workout yesterday. I managed to get to the gym AGAIN at lunchtime, which I would consider to be a major win. This time I did the last workout from the LiveFit series that I had not yet completed, back and biceps. It left my arms (my forearms in particular) on FIRE. Regardless, I have recorded the weight that I used for all 4 days of the split and will plan on trying to get STRONGER doing these things.

After that I figured I had about 20 minutes to sneak in a cardio workout. I didn't want to spend too much time worrying about pace this time, but I knew I would get bored if I just ran at an easy pace (no headphones again), so I decided I would do hill repeats on the treadmill. Now I have never done this before, so I was not sure how high to push the incline (it was tough this time, but I survived, so I think I will push MORE next time). Here was my workout.
So I did 6-1 minute repeats with 90 seconds of recovery. I would imagine changing this up will be easy as well, I just followed the HIIT workout that I have been doing most frequently but used the incline rather than the pace. I set my treadmill at 6.3 (a 9:30 pace) and just left it there, completely 2.63 miles in the 25 minutes and being a sweaty beast when all was said and done.

Now while the half that I hope to do is supposed NOT hilly, any hills I run will only make me stronger.

Do you do hill workouts?


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