D1 Bootcamp

I promised some information on the bootcamp workout that I did with my coworkers on Friday, and I want to use this entry space to talk about it. I am working on writing this on Monday, and the first thing that I want to say about it is that parts of my upper body are STILL feeling the workout. So it was definitely a solid one. I am glad that I did my long run on Saturday morning, because it was before a lot of the DOMS set in, so I was able to get through the run. On Sunday, I probably would not have.

So a few months back, my coworkers started to go to bootcamp at D1.
Are you familiar with D1 sports training at all? There are locations nationwide, and our happens to be a part of Beacon Orthopedics and Sports Medicine (not the group who worked on my elbow, and in some ways, that is too bad!) D1 is owned by MANY top caliber athletes, including Herschel Walker, Tim Tebow, and locally, Heather Mitts (US Soccer player). There is a weight area, and a turf field all set up there. It is a pretty cool facility and I definitely wonder what kind of things they do there beyond bootcamps.

There were about 8 of us from work participating in this class that I was a part of. It was just our work people as well, there were no other participants on that day (I guess sometimes there is a small group from another company that goes at the same time). We started out with some warm up things on the field. High knees, stretches, some walking lunges, etc. We followed that up with sprints (ahhh...  my typical saving grace. I may not be fast, but these don't hurt!) and then did a little jump roping before we got into a strength portion of the workout. That consisted of decline push ups, pistols, overhead squats, pull ups, planks, and reverse back extensions (lifting your legs instead of your head, if that makes sense). This was the first time I have ever done pull ups with a band.

It was with this portion of the workout that I was reminded of my limitations due to my elbow. I had to do straight arm planks instead of elbow planks and I could only do a side plank on one side (my right arm is not strong enough to support my body!) And then more embarrassing was doing overhead squats. We were just doing them with a PVC pipe, working on form more than anything, and the trainer says to me, "Straighten your right arm." I say, "I can't." So he tells me to move my arms forward a little, so I do and tell him I still can't. This is as straight as that arm will go. :(

Then we did another strength section of workouts. I used 15 lbs dumbbells for this section. The workout was as follows:
6x pull press
8x bent over row
8x push ups
8x lunges (4 per side)
8x upright row
6x tire swing (3/side)
Repeat until the end of class. I did three complete rounds, and the 4th I completed everything other than the tire swing. It was TOUGH but well worth it.

It felt awesome to use heavier weights (even if they were only 15 lbs) for the first time since breaking my elbow. I would like to go back, but at the same time, I am not sure I am willing to sacrifice running for bootcamp, and because lunchtime is pretty much the only time that I have for squeezing in a workout right now, I would have to sacrifice my runs. It is a tough decision, even though I know that it is pretty likely that I would get my pre-baby body back more quickly with bootcamp than with running.

Regardless, it was a killer workout, and I was glad to finally be able to see what all of the fuss was about with my coworkers and be able to join them in the class. I am going to spend some time thinking about it and considering all of my options, I think because lifting IS my first love.

Thoughts on getting in 4x runs per week, 3x bootcamp per week, AND exclusively breastfeeding a baby when your husband works a ton of hours?


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