Being a Mom, a New Focus

So I am reaching the end of my second week back at work, post baby. Work has been interesting. It is different now to have a new boss who has not been 100% briefed on things. He will send me an email, which I will respond to, and he will respond back with "What's that?" That is always an interesting little bit. It is also interesting to be a little bit behind the times myself. There have been some things happening, some changes, etc, that happened while I was out that I am not 100% up to date on yet. Regardless, it has been a pretty busy week at work, and that has definitely distracted me from that pretty little thing I leave in Miss Bernie's arms at the Gardner School every day.
There we are sitting on the couch enjoying the football game last night. I do miss her pretty much all the time while I am at work, which is definitely completely unexpected by me, but I guess it is good. I guess that means my "mom gene" kicked in after all.

Next week I really start kicking it into high gear with my food and workout plans. I am really focused on getting back to the gym and getting in solid workouts that are going to get me back to where I am comfortable. Yes, I am still planning on running, Yes, I am still going to be running 3-4 days per week, but I am really going to be changing my focus. This is going to be about getting strong, and then I can adjust accordingly.

Working on my meal plans and grocery list right now thanks to Kyra - so wish me luck!


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