Addison Rose: 2 Months

Baby post ahead - you have been warned.

We have hit another milestone in little Miss Addie's life. She is two months old already. Today!
Also, she loves mommy. And I just like the blue clothes. I know that normally I have her dressed in pink, purple, and yellow, but this is one of my favorite outfits I have come up with for her. The navy pants are actually baggie sweats, and I LOVE them!

It is becoming more and more clear every day that her personality is developing. I love watching her. She gets engaged in things much more than she did a month ago, enjoying her activity mat, the mobile in her crib, the things that I attached to her carseat to dangle in front of her face. She has become completely enthralled with Zeus, which is hilarious, because he doesn't really care about her (unlike Teek, who can't get close enough!) She loves her blankets (we use the Aden & Adais swaddle blankets) and likes to feel the close to her face.

She seems to love school as well. She gets "contented" marked on her daily progress report pretty much every day. She got "fussy" on two separate days, and her dad told her that was the baby equivalent of an "F" (I disagree. She could have gotten "crying", I think fussy is more of a C.) Regardless, no more fussy marks since then! I like the two teachers in her room, and with her being the smallest/youngest, she gets lots of attention from them. Plus every one at the school knows her. I have heard while walking down the hall with her "Oh look, there's that tiniest baby!" It makes me smile.

We have her two month doctor appointment next week, so I will have updated weight/head measurement/height then, but I am hoping for the high 9 lb range, which would have her gaining around 2 lbs over the last month. That would be right around perfect, if we stick with the ounce/day standard.

We will see how it goes!


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