A Weekend of Gratitude

I tried to warn Addie that it would not be long before there were new babies in her classroom. Babies that were younger than her...  Yesterday two new babies started. Both that are only 6 weeks old. So they are three-ish weeks younger than her. However, in some ways she still holds an upper hand because of her tiny peanut status. We will see what kind of progress we are making on that tiny peanut status at her two month appointment on Wednesday (even though by then she will be two months and one week!)

We are still shooting for approximately 2 lbs gained by then. I would be thrilled with that, because that would show that I have managed to do a good job with feeding even though I have had moments where I wanted to cry because I feel like I am struggling so much with it. I did get to use the hospital grade pump when I was in Toledo over the weekend though. I am seriously considering renting it for a month (apparently that will run me $70, but if it helps supply that would be worth it, right?) because it did seem to help in the few times that I used it over the weekend. I am eternally grateful to my Mom's friend Gloria for all that she has done for me in offering help and advice since Addie was born about feeding. She has helped me, calmed my nerves, and let me borrow that pump so I could test it out!

Let's talk about my weekend though. I was in Toledo for the first time since my baby shower back in May. It was the first time Grandma Rose (that's my mom!) saw Addie since she was just 10 days old! She is a changed baby.

I am sure that you have seen both of these pictures already, but it is just for reference since this was what happened since my mom last saw this gal! HUGE changes.

Although I did not get any workouts in (as noted in yesterday's post), it was a weekend of blessings. Addie and I are blessed to have wonderful family who would do almost anything for us. My dad who watched the dogs so I could go to Frankenmuth and Jason did not have to worry about them when he was traveling around showing off Addie. My mom who watched Addie on Friday night so Jason and I could go to a charity auction with my dad (and he bid on and won some OSU tickets for this coming weekend!)  And my sister, who loves Addie more than just about anything, despite going through her own fertility issues.


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