A Rest Day & Strength

I took a rest day yesterday. It was unplanned in that I would have liked to make it to the gym, but it was planned in that I knew that I would not. We had a meeting from about 11am-1 pm yesterday, including lunch, so I knew that getting to the gym at lunch was not going to happen. However, I had already hammered through two decent workouts this week, so that isn't too bad. I have every intention of getting over there today and making today leg day (plus a 25 minute run). I have my first meeting of the day today from 9-10, and then my second from 10-10:30. So we will see what runs long (it is guaranteed to run long!) since I will need to pump at 11. But I am pumping at 11. I put it on my calendar, so I feel as though I have a legit reason to leave a meeting if necessary.

I am definitely finding myself feeling stronger, even if I cannot actually lift more weight yet. I know that will come. The good feelings are definitely helping with my confidence level though, even though my tank tops do not quite fit the way that I want them to yet (due to a bit of softness around my waist that was not present in quite the same excess prior to Addie).

Hopefully my body follows suit and eventually leans out again.

Last night was a rougher night in the baby department. I got up to pump, and then not 5 minutes after laying back down, little miss A was awake and hungry. Since I had just pumped, she nursed for a lot longer than she normally might in the middle of the night to get the same amount of food. Of course, I did it, but I ended up awake in the middle of the night for nearly 3 hours between those two things. I am definitely suffering as a result today.

Moms - how do you make it work?


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