Weekly Workouts: Week of September 23

Well, I am back to work for another week already. It is hard to believe I have been here for a week since the baby and am now running into week 2. I hope to be more productive today than I was last week. I am planning to bring my laptop in to the “Mommy Room” with me and work on stuff while I am in there. Whether it is reconciling the American Express statements, a workout plan, or the blog, I hope to be productive.

So anyway, it is already time to go over last weeks workouts and see how I did for the week! It was the first official week of “training” for the Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon, which is the first weekend in November, and I definitely did well. I exceeded the expectations of my training plan, so now I need to decide if that is actually going to BE my training plan or not. Here is a quick reminder of this plan.
So here were my workouts for the week:
Monday - Planned: 3 easy
Actual: 4.5 easy, progression
Tuesday - Planned: 2 tempo
Actual: 1 warm up, 2 tempo, 1 cooldown for 4.01 miles total
Wednesday - Planned: Crosstrain
Actual: rest day (boo!)
Thursday - Planned: Crosstrain
Actual: speed workout. 6x 400m with a warm up and cool down. 5.5 total miles
Friday - Planned: Speed work/track workout for 3 miles
Actual: Crosstraining - bootcamp with coworkers at D1
Saturday - Planned: long run, 4 miles
Actual: long run, 10K
Sunday - Planned: rest day
Actual: rest day

Total Planned mileage: 12
Actual mileage: 20.21
1 day of crosstraining, 1 speed work, 1 tempo run, 1 long run, 1 easy run

So because my long run was longer than anticipated (by more than 2 miles) and I survived it (at a 9:16 pace!) I am beginning to feel like I should alter this plan a little. Maybe do 8 miles this weekend? I like hitting 20 in a week, that makes me feel good, so I think I am likely to keep my mileage so I hit 20 most weeks. I really should get RRCA certified even just for my own plans and if I NEVER write a plan for anyone else. That way I will just feel more confident in general about everything.


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