Weekly Workouts: Week of September 16

Last week was a pretty good week back in the workout/running game. I did not do much strength training, I admit, but it was a good week where I really started to feel more like myself. I think having a routine (going to work, etc) plus throwing running back into the mix is really going to help me get back into my regular clothes! Cross your fingers that I am correct on that...

So here is the rundown from last week:

Monday: rest day - traveling home from Kansas City
Tuesday: 4.35 mile walk with Addie
Wednesday: 3.17 mile run (my first of this length with no walking!) while Carol took pictures of Addie
Thursday: 3 mile treadmill run, 2.28 mile walk with Addie
Friday: 2.14 mile walk with Katie, Leah, Addie, Caden and Cooper
Saturday: Hudepohl 7K race (met my goal of running the whole race and J PR'd by 4 seconds from 2011)
Sunday: Rest day

Totals: 5 days of workouts
19.32 miles covered
3 walks with the stroller (pseudo strength training)
1 walk with friends
1 amazing photo session with Carol (pics to come, we're having lunch on Wednesday)

As you can see, definitely a pretty great week. I hope that this week will be even better since I am now OFFICIALLY in training for Indy.

And a sneak peak of Addie's photo shoot:
Look at that expression!


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