Weekend Long Run & Errands

It's been an exhausting weekend. My dad was here from Friday to Saturday evening. He was able to watch Addie for an hour and a half for me on Friday night. While he did that, I went to Dream Dinners, went to the grocery quickly, and then picked up some dinner for my Dad and I. That was a productive little trip for me. All I did at the grocery though was run into the state store to buy a bottle of vodka. My dad found out he's allergic to barley. Therefore beer is out.

Saturday morning Addie, the pups, and I were up at 5 am as usual. Addie ate as always. And then I tried to get her to go back down for a little nap because I wanted to go to run group and everything would be much easier for my Dad to be watching her if she was napping. She can be a bit fussy in the morning. She did end up going down for some rest in her boppy. She slept the whole time I was running.

Brett (our run group coach) ran a marathon last week (and BQ'd) and he was therefore in a bit of recovery mode. So since we had a small group, and he was trying to recover, he ran 6 miles with me. We ran a 10K in less than 58 minutes. I had to be proud of that because I'm really just working on getting a bit of endurance back, and I'm getting there. 6 miles is a great start. Once I tag a few more onto that, I'll be half ready.

I want to talk about Friday's bootcamp as well, but that will need to wait, I think!
Momma's lil screamer!


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