Week of September 2 - Weekly Workouts

Another week post baby has come and gone, which means another week of workouts to review and look through. I am getting stronger every week as things continue to happen and I continue to get further away from giving birth. I am now more than 4 weeks past that. In fact, today Little Miss A is one month old! (Holy Smokes!)

Now that I am officially cleared to run, I can actually start training for Indy. I can also make sure that I am ready to run the Hudy in two weeks (ish). I am a little bit nervous about getting started, I am the first to admit that, but Sunday was an indicator that I am ready for it. It just had been so long since I last ran. I mean, yes there was the occasional interval run after the elbow break, but I really have not run consistently since May 11, the day that I fell and broke my elbow.

That is hard for me to believe. That means on Wednesday I will be 4 months removed from that break. Time flies, doesn't it?

Anyway, let's get on with the week in review:

Monday: Walk 4.3 miles solo, core workout
Tuesday: Walk 4.51 miles
Wednesday: Walk 3.7 miles
Thursday: Walk 4.5 miles with Karen
Friday: Walk 3.67 miles with Karen, #100Challenge
Saturday: rest day
Sunday: #100Challenge, 2 miles (RUN!) in 19:07 (9:33 avg)

There was a total of 22.68 miles in this week (including 1 run!) and three days of strength training, two of them being the 100 Challenge. I had one full rest day, yesterday. I think this was a really good week. This gets me onto a good start to be back at 100 miles in the month, which I haven't hit in a pretty long time, since I got out of the running game.

And that with a 1 month old baby (TODAY!)


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