Week of August 26 - Weekly Workouts

Okay, sorry for the lack of posting since last Thursday. I did not mean it, but once again, I got caught up in baby world. I feel like that seems to happen every couple of days. I assume that is completely normal though, with new moms and 3 week old babies. It is hard to believe that she is already three weeks old, that is for sure. This week we have our (ok, well, mine) 4 week post partum appointment, and next week Addie has her one month appointment. It is hard to believe that she will be one month old already!

But anyway, today we need to look back at last week as a week in review. Let's see what kind of workouts we managed to pull off last week (after a mega-slacker weekend).

Monday - 4.3 mile walk solo
Tuesday - 2.6 mile walk plus a leg and core circuit (still trying to get the tummy and butt back in line after being pregnant - not an easy task)
Wednesday - 4.58 mile walk and a core workouts
Thursday - 3 mile walk and an upper body strength session
Friday - 4.5 mile walk with Karen and Bradley
Saturday - rest
Sunday - rest

See? Incredibly slacker weekend. I hate that, but I am definitely suffering a little bit from lack of sleep right now, and have been exhausted. But we still have a total of 18.98 miles and two full strength workouts, so I think I met my goals that I set for myself for the week, right?

Yesterday I ate dairy. I am afraid I might be paying for it already, so I am going back off of it again. I definitely had some tummy troubles yesterday myself, so I feel like I have to imagine it will give them to Addie as well, whether or not they are related to dairy. J pretty much rolled his eyes at me when I asked him if I should eat the pizza his mom brought over for lunch, so I ate it, and I am absolutely having guilt about it when Addie is a crabby pants like she is today.


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