Tired and a Treadmill Run

I am completely beat. I wasn't up all night with the baby or anything. It took her much longer to get to sleep than she maybe normally would, but she once she went down, she slept for her 4 hours until I had to wake her for her next feeding. I think maybe she was just fired up from the football game and couldn't settle down (Go Chiefs!)

But I am definitely glad I got in a run yesterday. Speaking of which, yesterday's run was a parenting win because I got Addie to hang out in the bouncy seat for 25 minutes without crying while I hit the treadmill. It was pretty awesome. Here is the run I managed to get in:
Running at 6.7 was definitely not as easy as it once was, but I was glad to be hitting it. Soon enough it will get easier again, I know it. But for now, this will do. I was able to keep up that pace for a while and I averaged a 9:24 pace, which is not too bad at all.

I ran on Wednesday as well when Carol was over taking pictues of the baby. I ran 3.17 miles with negative splits.
mile 1 - 9:57
mile 2 - 9:51
mile 3 - 9:37
mile 0.17 - 9:01

It was absolutely a solid run and it felt good to be out there running outside without the weight of the stroller trying to push that forward felt awesome. I think I am ready to race tomorrow. J and I are running a 7K for the final race in the beer series, and I am ready to rock it. I told J that my only goal is to run the entire race. I think I can.


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