The Monsignor and Bars

I got a rather random (well, I think it was random) text message on Friday. It was from the Monsignor.
Here is the Monsignor with J and I on our wedding day. He is a long time family friend, and he was the priest at our wedding. Yes, J and I got married in a Catholic Church.

The text said, "So when are you going to get the Pagan out of that baby?" That was his inappropriate (but made me laugh!) way of asking when we are going to do the Baptism. He is going to do that for us. I am thinking it is pretty neat that the same man that married J and I is going to baptize our baby. We just need to talk about when we have time to do that, and get it on the calendar. We will be in Toledo in October, so maybe we can squeeze in one more activity that weekend and get that done on Sunday? (The other activities are an auction with my Dad and the annual Frankenmuth trip).

Last week, after eating all of the samples of Picky Bars I got with a nuun order, I knew I needed more. I joined the Picky Club (monthly auto-ship). Since so many bars are out for me right now because of dairy product (including my beloved Quest Bar), I need to go with what works.
So this was my breakfast this morning. Yum. I have not decided which is my favorite yet because I have not tried the Runner's High flavor. But I definitely recommend checking these out, especially is you have dietary restrictions. They are gluten and dairy free and vegan.

I also have a bunch packed for the weekend trip as something to eat when I can't eat the food provided. For instance, breakfast burritos are my favorite part of tailgating, but I can't eat them since we bring them already made, and they have cheese in them. So a picky bar is a good choice.

Hope you are having a lovely Saturday!


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